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The Academy's goal and ambition is to comprehensively prepare training participants for independent osteopathic practice. That is why the teaching activity of the Akademia is based on the original Akademia Osteopatii's curriculum and the international lecturers.


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New curriculum

New curriculum Over 14 years of experience has allowed to create one of the most optimal curriculum.

From 2019, 44 modules of education and 4.5 years of education


Quality is the standard

Akademia is distinguished not only by its curriculum, in which a significant part consists of practical classes, but also a qualified lecturer staff, consisting of osteopaths appreciated all over the world.


Global patterns

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Holistic view of treatment

Osteopathy is a field of diagnosis and treatment with over a hundred years of tradition. Its main premise is to treat the human body as an integral whole in which related processes occur.


international lecturers and specialists in osteopathy
modules of education
largest cities in Poland

Great experts and professionals.

Raphael Van Assche

Raphael Van Assche

DO, MSc Osteopathie (Austria)

Strain Counterstrain, Physioenergetics

Francois Allart

Francois Allart

DO, MRO.F, MEd (France)

Visceral osteopathy, Endocrynology

Marek Mularczyk

Marek Mularczyk

MD, osteopath

Internal diseases - Abdominal cavity, Mediastinum

Florian Walzinger

Florian Walzinger

DO (Switzerland)

Visceral osteopathy

Prof. Dr. Frank Willard

Prof. Dr. Frank Willard

PhD, DO (Hons) USA

Anatomy, neuroanatomy

Dan Brown

Bsc (Hons), DO (The United Kingdom)

Clinical methods

Walter Mckone

Walter Mckone

D.O. (The United Kingdom)

History and philosophy, craniosacral osteopathy

Osteopathy Academy - training and Master Courses

The Osteopathy Academy is a place where we comprehensively prepare doctors, physiotherapists, as well as midwives and obstetricians for independent practice. We offer osteopathy training, the program of which is based on standards prevailing in the largest osteopathic academies in the world. Additionally, we offer Master Courses. We stand out due to our international team of lecturers and a large number of practical classes. The Osteopathy Academy operates in five cities: Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, and Gdansk. Therefore, you can choose osteopathic training in a location that suits you.

Osteopathic training - original program of the Osteopathy Academy

The Osteopathy Academy has over 15 years of experience. Thanks to this, specialists have created an optimal and world-standard-based teaching program. The osteopathy course lasts 4.5 years and consists of 44 training modules. They take place from Friday to Sunday. In the training plan, you will find classes in pediatric osteopathy, urogynecological osteopathy, craniosacral osteopathy, visceral osteopathy, and parietal osteopathy. Check out the full program of professionally conducted and fascinating classes at the Osteopathy Academy.

Osteopathic training - international team

Osteopathic seminars are conducted by qualified and renowned lecturers with various specializations from around the world. Among our team, you will find individuals leading classes in urogynecological osteopathy, craniosacral osteopathy, visceral osteopathy, and parietal osteopathy. The international team and the program with a significant number of practical classes make the opinions about the Osteopathy Academy very positive.

Osteopathy Academy - recruitment

If you are interested in osteopathic training, take part in the recruitment process. Submit your application through the form available on our website. Would you like to learn more? Visit our Recruitment tab or contact our office!

Osteopathic training - a holistic approach to treatment and diagnosis

It is possible that osteopathic courses will allow you to look at diagnosis and treatment from a different perspective than before. The history of osteopathy began over 100 years ago. This field treats the human body as an integral whole, where interconnected processes take place. Our Osteopathy Academy Clinic is a place where students learn, among other things, to take a comprehensive look at the patient's problem and move away from schematic treatment. The Osteopathy Academy offers not only a 4.5-year training but also courses for osteopaths, such as Integrated Palpation Anatomy and Physioenergetics.



The Academy's educational programme is based on the standards used in the greatest osteopathic schools in the world and covers over 2,000 teaching hours within 44 seminars during the 4.5-year teaching cycle.


Title DO

After completing the 4.5-year curriculum, you get the opportunity to write a diploma thesis and become a certified osteopath with the degree as a Doctor of Osteopathy (DO).



The Academy of Osteopathy operates in: Poznań, Krakow, Warsaw, Wrocław and Gdańsk



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