Andrew Taylor Still

Andrew Taylor Still

“An osteopath is down-to-earth, observes the laws of nature and, acting as an engineer of human bodies, brings them back to life in order to restore their health”.

Andrew Taylor Still, M.D., D.O.(1828 – 1917)

Andrew Taylor Still, American physician who is regarded as the father of osteopathic medicine, was the founder of American School of Osteopathy in Kirksville, Missouri (now A.T. Still University), the first centre of osteopathic medicine in the world.

Coining the term ‘osteopathy’ in 1874, he referred to the laws of nature claiming that the human body, being an integrated whole, has a tendency to self-heal and all its organs are interrelated. In his works, A.T. Still compared the human body to a machine, which, in order to function properly, requires an adequate blood supply and a stimulation of nerves.

Still emphasised that actual improvement of a given organ’s function depends on finding the reason of its arterial or venous deficit. This principle referred not only to symptoms like headache, fever or diarrhoea, but also to specific disease entities such as pneumonia, whooping cough, measles, or mumps.


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