As regards practice, we’re the best

The AO’s ambition and goal is to comprehensively prepare its students for running an individual osteopathic practice. That is why the school’s teaching activity is conducted on the basis of atrademark curriculum designed by specialists in the field. According to the curriculum assumptions, demonstrations, practical classes, and workshops are fully integrated with the theoretical knowledge acquired throughout the course of study. The school also offers its students the opportunity to confront the theory with hands-on skills during workshop classes which take place in osteopaths’ consultation rooms.

World-class patterns

The AO’s teaching curriculum is based on educational standards which are commonly adopted by the biggest osteopathic schools in the world and covers 2,000 class hours that are completed throughout a four-year teaching cycle.


Experience-based knowledge

Throughout a four-year study course AO students acquire knowledge in the field of osteopathic medicine and master their skills in practice. The AO curriculum is taught through three-day seminars. Additionally, following the osteopathic concept, at the end of each academic year a hands-on workshop takes place whose aim is to integrate all aspects of knowledge and skills gained in all courses.

We take pride in our team of international lecturers and specialist osteopaths – AO Assistants.Their qualifications and experience provide invaluable support and inspiration to the future specialists in osteopathy.

Each seminar course lasts three days and takes place at a weekend according to the following schedule:

Friday.: 11:00-20:00
Saturday.: 09:00-20:00
Sunday.: 09:00-15:00

Seminars Practical classes
(osteopathic approach)
Theoretical classes
History and philosophy  
Parietal osteopathy
CAS – clinical approach to the spine
Visceral osteopathy
Craniosacral system
Palpation anatomy
Medical rescue / Neurology
Strain Counterstrain
Physiology of pain  

A.T. Still – classical osteopathy
Internal diseases
Clinical methods
Lymphatic system
Osteopathy in dentistry
Clinical practice with patients
Osteopathic integration


AO Clinic

We adopt best practices

We opened the AO Clinic, a place where students can perfect their skills under the supervision of experienced osteopaths, and patients can take advantage of free-of-charge treatment. During our classes students work with a patient in small teams of several people. Each treatment procedure is supervised by an expert osteopath who supports students in their individual practice.

What are the benefits to the student?

  • mastering hands-on skills under the eye of an expert
  • mindset and attitude change during work with the patient
  • confronting knowledge acquired in the classroom with real work in a consultation room
  • developing ability to distance oneself from schematic treatment patterns and adopt a comprehensive approach to the problem
  • developing ability to take an effective case history and select an adequate treatment method

Clinical classes can be attended by students who completed the first year at AO. The schedule of the classes is agreed upon during the academic year.

It is worth noting that the clinic with its activities contributes to raising patient awareness of    the area of osteopathic medicine and free-of-charge appointments ensure greater availability of osteopathic services.

Cross-section Anatomy

Training by experience

Right from their first year, our students get the opportunity to participate in cross-section anatomy classes which take place in cooperation with specialists from Universities of Medical Sciences in Poznań and Wrocław. The course aims at a comprehensive presentation of relevant issues as well as anatomopathological and clinical correlations of normal, topographical, and pathological anatomy in a clinical context. Thanks to these practical exercises students can improve their skills and develop an interest in morphology-based medical problems and diseases.