Akademia Osteopatii Clinic

Invaluable experience

The clinic of the Academy of Osteopathy is a unique undertaking which was established with a  view to creating students ideal conditions for improving their knowledge and learning the secrets of their profession. The clinic sees patients who, without incurring any expenses, get a professional osteopathic treatment. The students of the Academy, supervised by the experts – osteopaths, have the ability to confront their knowledge with the real cases. In the process, besides the skills of carrying out a thorough interview with a patient, or choosing the most effective method of providing treatment, they also acquire something that is the most valuable in osteopathy – experience. After graduating from the Academy, they will use their experience in the everyday practice.

The main aim of the Clinic is promoting a good osteopathic practice among the graduates. That is why both the diagnostics and the following treatment are delivered with the proper thoroughness and with particular care of maintaining the highest standards. What is important, the clinic of the Academy of Osteopathy contributes to spreading knowledge about the possibilities of the osteopathic medicine among patients.