About us

Competence, professionalism and passion are the foundations of Akademia Osteopatii, which was set up in Wrocław in 2008. Its founders were Marek Mularczyk, physician, and Marcin Szkolnicki, physiotherapist. The school’s mission is to educate future specialists in the field of osteopathy. In 2012, after four years of vigorous activity, the school was moved to Poznań and came under the ownership of its graduate Łukasz Ciesielski. The school’s dynamic development, both substantive and organisational, resulted in opening a branch in Cracow, Warsaw and Wroclaw. 

Quality is our standard

Akademia Osteopatii is a member of OSEAN ( Osteopathic European Academic Network), an international association of European osteopathic schools which meet the highest standards of teaching. The school stands out not only with its curriculum,whose major part consists of hands-on workhops, but also with its team of highly qualified lecturers who are world-renowned osteopaths. With a view to encourage students to their clinical skills, an innovative AO Clinic was founded, where young future osteopaths obtain training under the supervision of the best specialists in the profession.