Holistic approach to treatment

Osteopathy is an over century old system of diagnostics and treatment. Its main assumption is based on a perception of the human organism as an integrated whole, in which a number of interrelated processes take place. According to this principle, an osteopathic examination cannot be narrowed down to one separate body part, as it essentially aims at finding a primary dysfuction of an organism, which seems to have no direct relevance to the patient's current condition and complaints. As a system which uses clinical diagnostic methods, osteopathy is by no means an alternative to classical school medicine; on the contrary, it ideally supplements it. The osteopathic therapy does not use any drugs.

Osteopathy is guided by the following principles:

  • the body is a unity,
  • the structure of the body and processes occurring in it are interrelated,
  • the organism has the ability to autoregulate, self-heal and maintain its natural balance (i.e. homeostasis). Osteopathy believes in natural forces of the body, which, if adequately stimulated, can beat the disease.