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Administratorem Pani/Pana danych osobowych jest Akademia Osteopatii z siedzibą w Poznaniu przy ul. Marcelińskiej 92, NIP 7361517194. Szczegółowe informacje na temat przetwarzania Pani/Pana danych osobowych znajdują się w Polityce Prywatności.

Who can participate?

You are eligible for our course if you are a physician, an physiotherapist or an obstetrician after graduating from a three or five-year university course (an equivalent of M.Sc. or B.Sc.).

Course schedule

The course lasts four and half years. In each year, we provide ten obligatory weekend seminars. Our curriculum complies with the guidelines of the Osteopathic European Academic Network (OSEAN), an umbrella organisation which oversees the quality of osteopathic teaching in Europe.
The seminars at the AO take place from Friday till Sunday. The schedule of session meetings is presented to the participants before the beginning of each school year.

Admission documents

Apart from filling our registration form, you are requested to present a copy or a scan of a document confirming your university degree.

Stages of recruitment

The recruitment for the academic year 2020/2021 starts on 16 January 2020. You may send your application and enroll in th Academy in five cities: Poznań, Cracow, Warsaw, Wrocław and Gdansk.

  1. Fill in the registration form.
  2. Once we verify your data, we will contact you on the details of the registration payment and further formalities.


The Academy’s educational program is based on the standards used in the largest osteopathic schools in the world and covers over 2,000. teaching hours carried out by 44 seminars during the 4.5-year teaching cycle.


Title DO

After completing 4.5 years of teaching, you get the opportunity to write a diploma thesis and obtain the title of Certified Osteopath.



The Academy of Osteopathy operates in: Poznań, Kraków, Warsaw and Wrocław. The opening of education is also planned in Gdańsk from this academic year.