Osteopathy in peadiatrics

Academy of Osteopathy in Paediatrics


The Academy of Osteopathy in Paediatrics is a two-year study programme aimed at educating osteopaths in the field of specialist osteopathic treatment of children and infants. The educational part will be supervised by international staff consisting of the best specialists in the field of paediatric osteopathy, including Caroline Stone, Claudia Knox, Erich Mayer-Fally or doctor Gerhard Riegler. 

After completing the training, each participant will have a unique chance to obtain the international Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy (DPO). Groups consist of a maximum number of 36 participants, each class is attended by at least two teachers.


The full curriculum of the Academy of Osteopathy in Paediatrics includes 7 training modules. Classes are held from Friday to Monday. During the first 3 days, participants take part in classes consisting of a theoretical and a practical part. Not one, but two top class osteopaths will attend each class.

Knowledge supported by experience

3 out of 7 modules will last 4 days (Friday-Monday). On the fourth day, participants take part in the clinical day. It is a whole day of clinical work with children. They are children of the age groups corresponding to the topics of the activities performed as part of the curriculum. Thanks to the partnership between the Academy and the ASGO Health Centre in Poznań, we work with patients participating in the neonatal and infant diagnostics programme – Healthy Baby – organised by ASGO and the City of Poznań.

* The above information depends on the prevailing epidemiological situation.