Osteopathy in peadiatrics

Academy of Osteopathy in Paediatrics


Academy of Osteopathy in Pediatrics – is a training aimed at educating osteopaths in specialized osteopathic work with children and infants. The didactic part will be supervised by an international staff consisting of the best specialists in this field. 

After completing the training, each participant is given the opportunity to become a Certified DPO (Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy).


The full program of the Academy of Osteopathy in Pediatrics consists of 7 training modules. Classes last from Friday to Sunday. Participants take part in classes including theoretical part and practical work.

Knowledge supported by experience

In addition to the core seminars, clinical days* will be included. Improvement of practical skills takes place under the supervision of osteopaths, in age groups corresponding to the topics of classes implemented in the program. Thanks to the partnership of the Academy with the Poznan Health Center ASGO we work with patients of the newborn and infant diagnostics program – Healthy Baby – organized by ASGO and the City of Poznan.

* The above information depends on the prevailing epidemiological situation.