About us

The Osteopathy Academy

Knowledge, professionalism and passion are the foundation of the Akademia Osteopatii founded in 2008 in Wrocław. The mission of the medical doctor Marek Mularczyk and the physiotherapist Marcin Szkolnicki Academy was to educate future specialists in the field of osteopathy. In 2012, after four years of thriving activity, the Academy was moved to Poznań, and its new director was a graduate of the school – Łukasz Ciesielski. The dynamic substantive and organizational development resulted in the opening of the Academy in Krakow, Warsaw and Wrocław.


The Osteopathy Academy belongs to the international organization OSEAN (Osteopathic European Academic Network), which brings together European osteopathy schools that meet the highest teaching standards. The university is distinguished not only by an educational program, in which a significant part consists of practical classes, but also a qualified lecturer staff, consisting of osteopaths appreciated all over the world. With a view to improving the clinical skills of our students, an innovative facility was created in the school's structures – the Osteopathy Academy Clinic, in which future apprentices are trained under the guidance of the best specialists.


The Academy’s educational program is based on the standards used in the largest osteopathic schools in the world and covers over 2,000. teaching hours carried out by 44 seminars during the 4.5-year teaching cycle.


Title DO

After completing 4.5 years of teaching, you get the opportunity to write a diploma thesis and obtain the title of Certified Osteopath.



The Academy of Osteopathy operates in: Poznań, Kraków, Warsaw and Wrocław. The opening of education is also planned in Gdańsk from this academic year.