What is the tuition fee for new students

The total yearly tuition fee equals 2 800 euro (280 euro per single seminar session).

Can I pay the tuition fee in Polish zloty?

No. The payments for all sessions must be made in euro into our Euro bank account. In order to avoid additional bank charges, we advise our students to make their payments in the branches of BGŻ (Bank Gospodarki Żywnościowej).

If I skip a session, do I still have to pay for it?

Yes, you do. An absence during a session meeting does not make the student exempt from paying the tuition fee.

Does the school provide any study materials to the participants of its courses?

Yes, it does. The AO provides the students with all the essential study materials including scripts, CDs and/or DVDs as well as training aids.

In what language is the course taught?

The language of a session meeting depends on the lecturer or trainer who teaches it. Most seminars are taught in English, German or Polish. However, during the seminars taught in a foreign language we always provide consecutive interpretation into Polish.

Is a graduate of pharmacy, medical data analytics or a related university major eligible to study at the AO?

No. The AO provides its course in osteopathy only to graduates of medicine, physiotherapy or obstetrics after a three or five-year university course (an equivalent of M.Sc. or B.Sc.). The graduates of other majors shall not be admitted to the course.